The Peace Pole

International Peace Garden in Salt Lake City – Source:

Celebrating World Poetry Day with a new poem about peace poles, many of which you can see in yards throughout Traverse City.  The original maker of peace poles is located in nearby Maple City, Michigan. Peace poles are produced as part of the Peace Pole Project established by the World Peace Prayer Society and more than 200,000 have been installed globally.

The Peace Pole
Steadfast and sturdy
with much to convey
a pole hailing peace
proudly put on display
A multilingual passage
upon Western red cedar
is hopeful and yearning
to the transient reader
May peace prevail on Earth
each new dawning day
May peace prevail on Earth
are all the words say
Thousands are posted
across our blue sphere
each a heartfelt desire
to avoid warfare and fear
This is our doctrine
our dogma and belief
peaceful coexistence
begetting global relief
Implanted peace poles
are a solemn expression
that war is no answer
nor is petty aggression
Empathy and love
are the traits to attain
while anger and hate
we all should disdain
Honor the message
a peace pole denotes
as so much is reflected
between printed quotes.
Rick Brown

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