In love with TC

 A poem dedicated to my recently adopted hometown of Traverse City (TC), Michigan. May she always be so enchanting as she is today.

            In Love With TC

  • Her billowy soft locks
  • Fill all hearts with desire
  • Whether drifting aloft
  • Or rumbling with fire
  • The epochs on her brow
  • Built a rich nomadic coast
  • For marveling at sunsets
  • Or as a stargazer’s post
  • Her moist narcotic eyes
  • Transform within each view
  • From one moment to next
  • With every flavor of blue
  • Her slenderous long nose
  • Blush with cherries and wine
  • An endearing fine treat
  • Of topographic design
  • The curves of her mouth
  • Hint at more subtle delights
  • Behind the city’s veneer
  • And beyond tourist sights
  • Her sandy pursed lips
  • Kiss the golden shoreline
  • A gift to each and all
  • From a place so divine
  • Her vibrant center core
  • Resonant and alive
  • Lays the basis of place
  • For culture to thrive
  • A scenic garland adorns
  • Across her sweeping crest
  • Gracing this timeless beauty
  • For whom so much has blest
  • Her complex emotions
  • Through climatic displays
  • Stir creative juices
  • In wondrous new ways
  • Her prominent features
  • Vary in texture and form
  • With infinite character
  • And qualities so warm
  • They traverse near and far
  • To this woman so grand
  • Just begging the chance
  • To hold her sweet hand
  • These genuine charms
  • Astride a beautiful sea
  • Are why so many folks
  • Fall in love with TC.

by Rick Brown 2016


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