Have you hugged your inner snowman?

Embracing winter isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Short days, long nights, cold temps, wind chills, shoveling snow, etc can combine to make one just want stay under the covers or cuddle up with a good book.

But winter can also be a great time to embrace your inner child, by re-experiencing the joy of building a snowman, a snow fort, or a snow monster. One can have a light-hearted snowball fight, or can partake in winter sports like snowshoing, ice skating, and x-country or downhill skiing.

Lastly, the quiet hush that falls upon the landscape during and after a fresh snowfall is a superb time to silently appreciate the many wonders of nature.  All of these experiences are just a matter of rediscovering your inner child…or your inner snowman. 

Namaste and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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